Vol. 11, 2004

Number 4
October - December 2004
M. Gossa, K. Bacha, G.-A. Capolino Detection and fault diagnosis in electrical drives: a time-frequency approach      185
N. Ben-Hail, R. Rabinovici Autonomous excitation of induction generators by switching the load     194
M.D. Iudean, A. Djerdir, A. Miraoui, R. Munteanu Induced vibrations of an eccentric rotor in permanent-magnet synchronous machines    198
E.H.E. Bayoumi Analysis and design of linear and variable-structure control techniques for PWM rectifier     205
E.E. El-Kholy, S.S. Shokralla, A.H. Morsi Improved performance of rolling-mill drives using hybrid fuzzy-PI controller    213
R. Abdessemed, A.L. Nemmour Sliding-mode control application to a decoupled torque and reactive power control of doubly-fed induction motors     225
A. Forrai, T. Ueda, T. Yumura Asymptotically exact linearization and robust control of an electromagnetic actuator      235
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2005     234
Future Event     184

Number 3
July - September 2004
G. Barbier, D. Chamagne, Y. Vinitsky, J.-M. Kauffmann Double-axis excitation generator: modelling and simulation     117
F. Zidani, M.S. Nait Said An induction motor drive system with fuzzy fault tolerance   129
N. Benouzza, M. Zerikat, A. Benyettou Squirrel-cage rotor faults detection in induction motors using advanced Park's vectors approach    140
D. Diallo, M.E.H. Benbouzid, D. Hamad, X. Pierre Fault diagnosis of a voltage-fed PWM inverter for induction motor drive by a current Concordia pattern recognition approach     147
A. Abouloifa, F. Giri, I. Lachkar Voltage regulation of AC-DC PWM rectifier using nonlinear control techniques    157
M. M'Saad, M. Farza, L. Rossignol, J.F. Massieu Nonlinear observer-based control of induction motors     166
R. Outbib, H. Rafaralahy, M. Tafraouti Feedback control of an electropneumatic system     174
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2004 - 2005     156

Number 2
April - June 2004
Linda Barazane, R. Ouiguini, C. Larbes, Y. Sellami, P. Sicard A new fuzzy model representation of a cascade structure of induction motor drives     45
F. Betin, A. Sivert, A. Faqir, G.-A. Capolino Position control of an induction machine using fuzzy-logic regulator   56
E. Monmasson, B. Robyns, E. Mendes, B. de Fornel Dynamic reconfiguration of control and estimation algorithms for induction motor drives    67
C.M. Cabral, C.A. Couto Induction actuator with independent linear and rotary motions     77
S. Brisset, F. Gillon, P. Brochet Manufacturing cost reduction in brushless DC motors using axial flux and concentrated windings     85
N. Hidouri, F. Bacha, O. Hasnaoui, R. Dhifaoui Optimal current-based semi-direct torque control scheme for a salient-pole permanent-magnet synchronous motor     101
M. Ignat, C. Schwerzmann, M. Radu Theoretical and experimental study on microbioreactor electromechanical drives     107
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2004     84

Number 1
January - March 2004

Editorial - volume 1, number 1 (1994)     3


After 10 years …   4


Contents of ELECTROMOTION, vol. 1 (1994) - vol. 10 (2003)

Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, vol. 1 (1994) - vol. 10 (2003)    5 - 41

Vol. 10, 2003

Number 4
October - December 2003


Special Issue: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on
Advanced Electromechanical Motion Systems - ELECTROMOTION 2003, Vol. 2
Marrakesh, Morocco, November 26-28, 2003

Number 3
July - September 2003


Special Issue: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on
Advanced Electromechanical Motion Systems - ELECTROMOTION 2003, Vol. 1
Marrakesh, Morocco, November 26-28, 2003

Number 2
April - June 2003
I. Denes, I. Nagy Dynamics of a dual-channel resonant buck converter     59
D. Ilea, L. Lupsa-Tataru Modelling and simulation of the transient behaviour of large synchronous generators    69
C.M. Cabral, C.A. Couto An equivalent circuit with new end-effect correction factors for performance calculation of linear induction motors    77
A.A. Khasimov Energy saving controllers for asynchronous drives of mass application     85
T. Kasmieh, X. Roboam, J. Faucher Vector control law for variable saturation level of an induction motor     93
M. Zerikat, M. Guedda Neuro-predictive speed control of induction motor drives using dynamic neural networks    103
Book Review      68
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2003     102

Number 1
January - March 2003
A. Sfetsos, Murta Pina, Anabela Goncalves, V. Neves, A. L. Rodrigues Flux modelling of reluctance machines with bulk superconducting materials     3
N. Nait-Said, M.-S. Nait-Said, M. Feliachi Dynamic inductance modelling using artificial neural network for saturated induction machine    12
Maria Dems, K. Komeza Electromechanical transient processes of the induction motor with power controller supply    19
L. Barazane, Y. Sellami, R. Ouiguini, C. Larbes, D.S. Zinger, M.S. Boucherit Cascade fuzzy sliding-mode control of an induction motor     27
M.E.H. Benbouzid, D. Diallo, A. Makouf A fault-tolerant control management system for electric-vehicle or hybrid-electric-vehicle induction motor drives     45
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2003     26

Vol. 9, 2002
Number 4
October - December 2002
JS. Wiak, J. Zadrozny, J. Zadrozny (jr.) General problems of design and modelling of silicon micromotors     159
A. Hamler, M. Trlep, B. Stumberger, M. Jesenik Pole modelling of synchronous motor with permanent-magnet rotor   172
T. Terada, K. Harada, Y. Ishihara, M. Miki, T. Todaka, K. Hirata Optimal design of electrical devices by the genetic algorithm using parallel computation    177
W. Szelag Simulation of coupled phenomena in magneto-rheological electromechanical transducers     181
Teresa Orlowska-Kowalska Speed and position estimators in the AC servodrives     187
M. Kaminski, Krystyna Macek-Kaminska Object-oriented programming in estimation of the parameters of the non-linear dynamic system    201
A. Pochanke, M. Bodnicki Modelling of torque meters and measuring system for testing of stepping motors     210
J.F. Gieras, J. Zadrozny Small permanent-magnet brushless motors - State of the art     217
Event Report     158
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2003     231
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 9 (2002)      232
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 9 (2002)     234

Number 3
July - September 2002
J.A. Tapia, T.A. Lipo, F. Leonardi The consequent-pole permanent-magnet machine: a synchronous permanent-magnet machine with field weakening     99
J. Fadat, D. Matt Permanent magnet-excited high-speed synchronous machines     106
Viviana Callea, E. Santini, P. Sordi Accurate design of axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous machines      113
B. Sarlioglu, T.A. Lipo Nonlinear analysis and experimental results of a doubly-salient permanent-magnet generator     121
F. Naceri, L. Abida, M. Boulemden An unified approach to parameter identification of induction machines     131
A. Sivert, A. Faqir, F. Betin, D. Pinchon, G.A. Capolino A new variable-structure control algorithm for DC motor drives     135
R. Abdessemed, A.L. Nemmour, V.F. Tomachevitch Adaptive fuzzy-logic control of a stator field-oriented doubly-fed asynchronous motor drive     147
Future Event     155
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2001 - 2002    130

Number 2
April - June 2002
C. Nica Aspects concerning the utilization degree of synchronous generators connected on rectifiers   57
A. Makouf, M.E.H. Benbouzid, D. Diallo, N.E. Bouguechal A robust Hoo control approach for induction motors   63
R. Abdessemed, A.L. Nemmour, V.F. Tomachevitch Application of Sugeno fuzzy-logic controller to the stator field-oriented doubly-fed asynchronous motor drive   71
D. Casadei, C. Rossi, G. Serra, A. Tani A new voltage-vector selection algorithm in direct torque control of induction motor drives   79
M. Budinger, C. Henaux, J.-F. Rouchon, B. Nogarede Development of an artificial hand with piezoelectric actuators   87
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2002   78

Number 1
January - March 2002
E. Lu, E. Ritchie Drive motors for electric vehicles - A comparison   3

A. N'diaye, T. Boujon, J.C. Faugieres, L. Prevond, A. Miraoui, J.F. Rialland

Characterization of NdFeB magnets under thermal constraints. Application to a permanent-magnet synchronous motor foe an electric bicycle   9
A. Deihimi, S. Farhangi, S. Risse, G. Henneberger Optimized efficiency design of switched reluctance motor drive over a specified region of torque-speed plane   17
A. Triener, R. Rabinovici Submicron positioning resolution with permanent-magnet synchronous motors    33
H. Gheraia, E.M. Berkouk, A. Talha, C. Larbes, G. Manesse Control strategies for the three-phase seven-level neutral-point-clamping voltage-source inverter   41
Book Review   8
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2002   32


Vol. 8, 2001
Number 4
October - December 2001
J. Hamar, I. Nagy Bi-directional resonant buck & boost converter   189
L. Susnjic, Z. Haznadar Combined genetic algorithm - 2D finite element analysis applied to synchronous machine   197
B. Robyns, M. Nasser, Frederique Berthereau, F. Labrique Equivalent continuous dynamic model of a variable-speed wind generator   202
M. Pasquariello, R. Rizzo Direct torque control optimized for digitally-controlled asynchronous drives   209
A. Forrai, S. Hashimoto, H. Funato, K. Kamiyama Design of robust controllers with constraints on the control signal for brushless DC drives   217
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2002   216
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 8 (2001)   225
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 8 (2001)   226

Number 3
July - September 2001
M. Andriollo, L. Bolognese, G. Martinelli, A. Morini, A. Tortella Electromagnetic design improvement of a switched reluctance motor by a surface-current method procedure   125
J. Merwerth, Th. Weyh Design of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor for a rotary blood pump   133
P. Brad, A. Sonal Angular acceleration measurement with eddy-current sensor   140
N. Sargolzaei, H. Oraee, K. Barkeshli A general methodology for electromagnetic shape optimization problems using automatic adaptive remeshing   145
F. Betin, D. Pinchon, G.A. Capolino Control of electrical drives subject to large variations of load: a fuzzy-logic approach   155
I. Nagy, P. Korondi, Z. Suto, T. Ruzsanyi, J. Moricz Investigation on insulation breakdown of field winding in turbine-generator fed from static exciter   169
Mihaela Popescu, A. Bitoleanu Comparative analysis of the energetical impact of the electrical drive with induction motor and voltage-source converter on the network   180
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2001 - 200  154

Number 2
April - June 2001
M. Jufer Global design of an electric drive   55
S. Cordes, K. Kanelis Tendencies of integration in low-power semiconductor devices   59
P. Lombard, A. Tassi Finite element analysis in magnetism with moving devices   69
A. Cavagnino, F. Profumo, A. Tenconi Axial flux machines: structures and applications   77
D. Fabiani, G.C. Montanari On the degradation of winding insulation of AC motors supplied by adjustable-speed drives - An overview   89
F. Zidani, M.S. Nait Said, D. Diallo, M.E.H. Benbouzid High-performance induction motor drive using fuzzy logic   97
T. Petru, T. Thiringer Measurement and modeling of power quality impact of a stall-regulated wind turbine   104
G. Barbier, D. Chamagne, J.M. Kauffmann, A. Lochmatov Performance of a double-axis excitation generator through experimentations on a small-power testing bench   111
Message from ELECTROMOTION '01 Symposium Chairman   54
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2001   96

Number 1
January - March 2001
M. Poloujadoff, M.M. Radulescu Printed-circuit winding design optimization for disc-armature DC servomotors   3
C.P. Cabrita On the commutation of the rectified-voltage DC traction motor   9
B. Azoui, M. Djarallah, C. Hamouda, M. Chabane, R. Hanitsch, G. Duschl Photovoltaic pumping system with NdFeB brushless DC motor   19
F. Naceri, M. Boulemden, L. Abida Adaptive control for vector-controlled induction motor   29
V. Trifa, R. Munteanu, O. Rabulea, A. Peculea LabVIEW implementation of a switched reluctance motor controller   39
M. Kadjoudj, M.E.H. Benbouzid, N. Golea, R. Abdessemed Performance analysis of fuzzy logic-controlled permanent-magnet synchronous motor drive   45
To Professor MARCEL JUFER - A homage at 60 years!   2
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2001   28

Vol. 7, 2000
Number 4
October - December 2000
E.S. Hamdi Application of duality to the analysis of permanent magnet motors   177
M. Esselin, B. Robyns, F. Berthereau, J.P. Hautier Resonant controller-based power control of an inverter-transformer association in a wind generator   185
V. Bostan, M. Cuibus, C. Ilas, R. Magureanu Comparison between Luenberger and Kalman observers for sensorless induction motor control   191
O. Pyrhonen, J. Pyrhonen, M. Niemela, J. Luukko, J. Kaukonen Direct torque-controlled synchronous motor drives for dynamically-demanding applications. Part 3: Field weakening and stability control in direct torque-controlled synchronous motor drives   199
O. Pyrhonen, J. Pyrhonen, M. Niemela, J. Luukko, J. Kaukonen Direct torque-controlled synchronous motor drives for dynamically-demanding applications. Part 4: Position sensorless direct torque-controlled synchronous motor drives   210
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2001   198
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 7 (2000)   221
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 7 (2000)   222

Number 3
July - September 2000
N. Bianchi, S. Bolognani Design criteria of embedded permanent-magnet motors for square-wave current control   129
R. Kruse Calculation methods for a transverse-flux reluctance motor   137
A. Dinu, M.N. Cristea, M. McCormick, L. Haydock, N. Al-Khayat Neural current controller for induction motor applications   144
M.E.H. Benbouzid Modelling saturated induction machines using the H-G diagram approach   151
H. Oraee Comparison of sequential unconstrained minimization technique and genetic algorithm in design optimization of brushed permanent-magnet DC motors   157
C.P. Cabrita On the commutation and design of single-phase AC/DC converter-driven DC motors for electric traction   163
ELECTROMOTION '01 Welcome from the Chairman   128
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2000 - 2001   174

Number 2
April - June 2000
B. Slaets, P. Van Roy, R. Belmans Determining the efficiency of induction machines, converters and softstarters   73
R.E. Hanitsch Novel soft- and hardmagnetic materials improve energy efficiency   81
H. Bausch, H. Hofmann A starter/alternator system with permanent magnet machine and AC power supply based on a space vector controlled three- and single-phase converter for mobile applications   89
R.B. Inderka, R.S. Ottl, M. Krehenbrink, R.W. De Doncker Effects of mutual coupling in switched reluctance machines   98
L. Vandevelde, J. Melkebeek Magnetic force calculation methods for the analysis of vibrations of electrical machines   107
K. Hameyer et al. Numerical techniques for electrical machines: A personal view   115
To the reader   71
Professor Gerhard Henneberger   71
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2000-2001   114

Number 1
January - March 2000
G. Henneberger Linear motor drives for industrial applications   3
M. Poloujadoff, H. El Khashab Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions: a tool to synthetize different models of linear induction machines   9
R. Wamkeue, I. Kamwa Generalized state-space modelling of induction machines having multiple rotor circuits   15
H. Nejjari, M.E.H. Benbouzid A fuzzy-logic approach to induction-motor fault detection and diagnosis   23
Marie-Cecile Pera, B. Robert, C. Goeldel Nonlinear dynamics in electromechanical systems - Application to a hybrid stepping motor   31
J. Pyrhonen, O. Pyrhonen, M. Niemela, J. Luukko, J. Kaukonen Direct torque-controlled synchronous motor drives for dynamically-demanding applications. Part 1: Principles of synchronous-motor direct flux-linkage control and direct torque control   43
J. Pyrhonen, O. Pyrhonen, M. Niemela, J. Luukko, J. Kaukonen Direct torque-controlled synchronous motor drives for dynamically-demanding applications. Part 2: Control of field- winding current in direct torque-controlled synchronous motor drives   56
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2000   30

Vol. 6, 1999
Number 4
October - December 1999
I.E. Davidson, J.F. Gieras, O. Ojo, A.A. Jidoh Performance analysis of a single-phase linear induction motor using the field theory method   123
L.A. Pereira Pereira Influence of phase number and winding distribution on specific torque of converter-fed synchronous machines   129
C.P. Cabrita On the commutation of chopper-driven DC motors for electric traction   139
P. Lampola Optimisation of low-speed permanent-magnet synchronous machines with different rotor designs   147
M.E.H. Benbouzid Motor current signature analysis for induction motors faults detection and diagnosis - A review   160
Future Event   122
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2000   146
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 6 (1999)   175
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 6 (1999)   176

Number 3
July - September 1999
Barbara Slusarek Applying permanent magnets from melt-spun ribbon Nd-Fe-N in electrical micromachines   75
S. Wiak, H. Welfle Three-dimensional electromagnetic field analysis of small disk-type motors   81
P. Di Barba, A. Invertizzi, A. Savini An approach to the dynamic performance optimization of a small linear actuator   87
J. Zadrozny, J.J. Zadrozny Investigation of induction motor torque transients with symptoms of parametric resonance   93
R.C. Okonkwo, R. Hanitsch Modelling and design opti-mization of DC linear motors using permanent magnets   99
N. Bianchi Radially-magnetised interior-permanent-magnet synchronous motor for high-speed drive: an analytical and finite-element combined design procedure   102
A. El Hajjaji, M. Ouladsine Real-time implementation of fuzzy and neural controllers for magnetic levitation systems   113
Event Report   74
Book Reviews   86, 112
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 1999 - 2000   98
Future Event   119

Number 1-2
January June 1999
B. Robyns, M. Esselin Power control of an inverter-transformer association in a wind generator   3
I. Boldea, L. Tutelea, N. Muntean Three-phase flux reversal stator - PM generator with constant voltage DC output for wide speed range   8
V. Hrabovcova, M. Licko, L. Janousek, P. Rafajdus, J. Mihok Methods of determination of the cage-rotor reluctance synchronous motor parameters and their comparison   13
I. Schmidt, K. Vincze, K. Veszpremi Adaptive hysteresis current vector controls of synchronous servo drive   19
R. Kruse, G. Pfaff, C. Pfeiffer Optimization of a direct servodrive with a transverse flux reluctance motor   25
M. Antila, A. Arkkio, E. Lantto, T. Jokinen Active magnetic bearing for high-speed electric machines   31
U. Wahner, K. Ben-Yahia, M. Weck, G. Henneberger Linear magnetic bearing for high-speed machine tools   37
D. Casadei, G. Serra, A. Tani, L. Zarri Theoretical and experimental analysis of an induction motor drive based on stator flux vector control   43
J. Maes, J. Melkebeek Improved adaptive flux observer for wide speed range sensorless induction motor drives   49
Z. Wu, D. Naunin Fuzzy controlled induction motor servodrives - Concepts and results   55
T. Schulte, H. Grotstollen, H.-P. Schoner, J.-T. Audren Active control stick driven by a piezoelectric motor   61
K. Nishibori, T. Kamisaku Variable torque transmission control utilizing movement of magnetic fluid   67
Future Event   30

Vol. 5, 1998 
Number 4
October - December 1998
A.L. Rodrigues A comparison of permanent-magnet and coil excitation system for rotating electric machines   131
D. Hadjidj, G. Koehler, A. Miraoui, J.-M. Kauffmann Design and analysis of a new in-wheel transverse vernier hybrid reluctance motor   139
H. Oraee Prediction of transient behaviour of induction motors following short supply interruptions   147
K. Hentabli, M.E.H. Benbouzid Detection of broken rotor-bars in induction motors using a local model network approach   152
D. Hissel, P. Maussion, J. Faucher On-site tuning contribution through experimental designs to fuzzy logic controllers for electrical systems   157
M.M. Radulescu Speed control of travelling-wave ultrasonic piezoelectric motors - A review   166
Future Event   138
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 1999   146
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 5 (1998)   175
Contens of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 5 (1998)   176

Number 3
July - September 1998
H. Ben Ahmed, L. Prevond, B. Multon, B. Salamand, J. Lucidarme Special synchronous linear actuators. Structures and performances   93
Maria Dems, Elzbieta Lesniewska, K. Komeza, S. Wiak Accuracy of the finite-element method applied to three-dimensional field analysis of induction motors   103
H. Nejjari, M.E.H. Benbouzid Hybrid artificial neural networks - Park's vector approach for induction motor fault detection and identification   107
J. Wolff, R. Rahner, H. Spath Sensorless speed control of a switched reluctance motor for industrial applications   113
P. Korondi, I. Nagy, S. Kerekes, K. Zaban, T. Gajdar Sliding mode-based disturbance observer for motion control   119
D.S. Necsulescu, B. Kim Autonomous mobile vehicles for motion on uneven and inclined surfaces   126
Event Report   102
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 1998 - 1999   112
Book Review   125

Number 2
April - June 1998
Editorial   41
K.T. Chau, C.C. Chan, Y.S. Wong Advanced power electronic drives for electric vehicles   42
L. Gonthier, F. Bernot, S.D. Bocus, S. Elbaroudi, A. Berthon High-efficiency soft-commutated DC-AC-AC converter for electric vehicles   54
B. Dobrucky, P. Kucer, M. Alexik Fuzzy control of AC traction drives   65
K. Jezernik, D. Drevensek, J. Korelic Advanced induction motor control for electric vehicles   75
F. Marignetti, M. Scarano Sheet-current and mechanical-stress analysis of disc-type motors with massive etched conductors   81
H. Oraee On the reduction of stray load losses in three-phase induction motors   89
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 1998   74

Number 1
January - March 1998
G. Henneberger, M. Bork Development of a new transverse-flux motor   1
D. Floricau, D. Fodor, J.C. Hapiot Two-axis control formalism for three-phase bridge voltage-source static converters   8
H. Nejjari, M.E.H. Benbouzid Induction motor interturn short-circuit and bearing war detection using artificial neural networks   15
M. Bertoluzzo, G.S. Buja, R. Menis Parameter identification of a PWM inverter-fed induction motor at standstill by an inverter voltage drop-free recursive least-squares procedure   21
F. Boudjema, A. Benchaib, A. Rachid Backstepping approach for nonlinear sliding-mode control of an induction motor   29
J.-F. Llibre, D. Matt A cylindrical vernier reluctance permanent-magnet machine   35
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 1998   28

Vol. 4, 1997

Number 4
October December 1996
Editorial   138
I.E. Davidson Performance calculation for a shaded-pole single-sided linear induction motor using symmetrical components and finite element method   139
P. Lampola, J. Saari, J. Perho Electromagnetic design of a low-speed surface-mounted permanent-magnet wind generator   147
D. Grenier, F. Labrique, E. Matagne, H. Buyse Discretization effects on the control of voltage-source inverter-fed permanent-magnet synchronous motor drives   155
M.E.H. Benbouzid Energy-optimized induction motor control  by means of phaseback voltage regulation   165
G.V. Cvetkovski, Lidija B. Petkovska, M.D. Cundev Three-dimensional finite-element modelling and field analysis of a permanent-magnet DC commutator motor   170
A.L. Rodrigues A rotor-shaft position sensor using a synchro-resolver device   176
Book Review   146
Event Report   164
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 4 (1997)   182
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 4 (1997)   184

Number 3
July  September 1997
In Memoriam Professor Arpad Kelemen   90
H. Henao, G.A. Capolino, J.A. Martinez-Velasco An approach of CAD for electrical drives using EMTP   91
P.J. Costa Branco, J.A. Dente Learning from examples to compensate nonlinearities in electromechanical drives A fuzzy-logic approach   101
L. Simitsis, J. Xypteras Calculation of  losses in yoke and iron frame of asynchronous machines by the finite element method   109
C. Ilas, G. Griva, F. Profumo On-line identification of mechanical parameters and load torque in field-oriented induction motor drives   115
J. Wagner, D. Maga Analysis and design of the high-torque low-speed step motor   121
Marisa Rizzo, A. Savini, J. Turowski Comparative field analysis of linear variable-reluctance small motors   129
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 1997   114
Book Review   133
Event Report   134

Number 1-2
January June 1997
J.G. Gonçalves, C.A. Cabral, C.P. Cabrita The specific electric loading in AC machines.A new method of analysis   3
S. Palko, J. Lähteenmäki, T. Jokinen Structural optimisation of electric machines using finite element method and genetic algorithm   10
R Wang, J.F. Gieras, J. Ronda Analysis of forces in a hybrid linear stepping motor   15
B. Robyns, F. Labrique, H. Buyse Direct F.O.C. of induction actuator using fuzzy logic to ensure field orientation with consideration of magnetic saturation effects   21
D. Casadei, P. Nielsen, G. Serra, A. Tani Theoretical and experimental analysis of  SVM-controlled matrix converters under unbalanced supply conditions   28
H.B. Ertan, K. Leblebicioglu, S. Hamarat Design optimization of double-speed and variable-frequency driven induction motors   38
P. Stergenakis, E. Tatakis, E. Tsimplostephanakis, N. Polyzos, A. Safacas Investigation of the optimal operation of a wind generator using  a microprocessor-controlled drive system   44
C. Michael, A. Safacas Design of a multi-DC drive system based on digital distributed control   50
C.B. Rasmussen, E. Ritchie Improved reluctance-mmf network for calculation of magnetic field distribution in surface-mounted permanent-magnet motors   55
M.A. Al-Yadoumi, E.S. Hamdi, A.R. Rowlands Dynamic performance and sensitivity analysis of electromagnetic shakers   62
M. Jufer Slotless and slotted brushless DC motors. Technique performances and comparison   69
R. Rabinovici, S. Gurfinkel, Z. Mor, A. Ailon Permanent-magnet synchronous-motor actuator for nonlinear load   80

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