Vol. 23, 2016

Number 1-4

January - December 2016

A. Lebsir, M. Benbouzid,A. Bentounsi, I. Ben Salah Switched reluctance generator models for wind turbine systems    3
J. Emadi, A. Kiyoumarsi, P. Moallem, S.A. Tabatabaei Design and optimization of a synchronous reluctance motor rotor geometry based on the torque profile    10
M. Moghadasian, A. Sivert, A. Yazidi, F. Betin, G.A. Capolino Efficiency optimization of a six-phase induction motor in healthy and faulted modes   21
Rada Alhasan, T. Lubin, J. Leveque A new inductor topology for superconducting synchronous machine: analysis and experimental study    31
M.I. Mosaad, M.G. Ashmawy, A.A. Elbaset Optimal allocation of distributed generation considering enhancement of distribution system performance using artificial intelligence    41
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2016   40

Vol. 22, 2015

Number 1-2

January - June 2015

C. Besson, A. Savary, M. Jaccard Brushless permanent-magnet synchronous motor with magnetization and demagnetization of magnets during operation    3
M. Ruba, F. Jurca, L. Szabo Comparative study of switched and synchronous reluctance motors for electric propulsion    15
Ioana-Cornelia Gros, M.M. Radulescu Control approach for two-phase permanent-magnet linear synchronous actuators in automotive accessory applications   19
Raouia Oubellil, M. Boukhnifer Fault-tolerant control of energy management system for hybrid electric vehicles    25
G. Shahgholian, A.R. Sahafi, J. Faiz Torque ripple reduction in switched reluctance motors – A review    35
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2015   14

Vol. 21, 2014

Number 1-2

January - July 2014

Special Issue:

Papers presented at the 11th International Conference Modern Electric Traction MET 2013,

10-12 October 2013, Warsaw, Poland

and selected for publication in "ELECTROMOTION" quarterly

by the MET 2013 International Scientific Committee

Event report    3
M. Pawelczyk Multisource drive systems on railways    5
L. Lipinski, M. Miszewski Comparative characteristics of induction motor traction drives for electric railway vehicles    14
S. Rawicki Energy-optimum running of a tram vehicle with DC and induction motors - Comparative investigation   22
M. Niksic, T.J. Mlinaric, M. Brkic Determining traffic and technical characteristics of new locomotives on Rijeka-Zagreb line after the catenary voltage unification    31
J. Anuszczyk, S. Baranski, A. Gocek Evaluation of quality of automatically-stopping trains on subway lines    37
P. Chudzik, A. Radecki, R. Nowak, D. Lewandowski Supercapacitor storage in vehicles powered from a battery or overhead lines    41
M. Steczek, A. Szelag Determination of parameters significant for selection of an input filter for a DC catenary-supplied electric traction vehicle    48
M. Lewandowski Supercapacitor model for control purposes     55

Regular Papers

Krisztina Leban, E. Ritchie, A. Argeseanu Design tool for 5-20 MW direct-drive generators     59
A. Parsapour, B. Mirzaeian Dehkordi, M. Moallem Switched reluctance motor performance in continuous-current operation mode     68
E.H.E. Bayoumi Dual-input DC-DC converter for renewable energy     77
M. Moghadasian, R. Kianinezhad, F. Betin, V. Lanfranchi, A. Yazidi, G.-A. Capolino Particle-swarm-optimized tuning for fuzzy-logic position control of faulted-mode six-phase induction machine     85
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2014   84

Vol. 20, 2013

Number 1-4

January - December 2013

Special Issue:

Proceedings of the 10th Jubilee International Symposium on

Advanced Electromechanical Motion Systems - ELECTROMOTION 2013

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, October 21-22, 2013  

Vol. 19, 2012

Number 3-4

July - December 2012

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Professor Alfio Consoli
A.M. Tavares, A.F. Flores Filho, Y.B. Blauth Modelling and analysis of a kinetic energy recovery system based on a linear induction machine    84
H.S. Khouzani, A. Kiyoumarsi, B. Mirzaeian-Dehkordi, H. Karimi Design, optimization, finite-element analysis and construction of an interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor    93
Zineb Rouabah, Fatiha Zidani, B. Abdelhadi An improved search-based algorithm for fuzzy-logic efficiency optimization of induction motor drives    101
M. Azab Implementation of solar-powered switching voltage regulator    107
R. Demersseman, Z. Makni A coupled analytical-numerical approach for optimal sizing of power inductors    115
J. Pontt, V. Guerrero Failure analysis of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor drive in field-weakening operation    122
R. Chibani, E.M. Berkouk, M.S. Boucherit Study of a new capacitive circuit for DC-voltage equalising five-level neutral-point-clamped voltage-source inverter    129
F. Betin, G.A. Capolino Sensorless control of a six-phase induction machine using model-reference adaptive system     144
J. Faiz, A. Hakimi-Tehrani, G. Shahgholian Current control techniques for wind turbines A review     151
IN MEMORIAM Professor Alfio Consoli   83
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2013   128
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 19 (2012)   169
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 19 (2012)   170

Number 1-2

January - June 2012

M. Azab, M. Mossad Study and control of stand-alone single-phase induction generator for efficient wind energy system    3
Samira Benaicha, Fatiha Zidani, R. Nait Said, M.S. Nait Said Design of an improved fault-tolerant control scheme    12
S.M. Tripathi, A.K. Srivastava, A.K. Pandey A novel speed controller based on Lagrange’s interpolation for closed-loop control of a current-source inverter-fed induction motor drive    25
H. Abootorabi Zarchi, J. Safari Nonlinear speed and flux control of synchronous reluctance motor drives based on adaptive backstepping and sliding-mode approach    34
S. Hassaine, Sandrine Moreau, S. Gherbi, M. Sedraoui, B. Mazari Implementation of H ∞ multivariable feedback control for permanent-magnet synchronous motor drive system    46
T. Patarau, D. Petreus, S.R. Daraban, R.A. Munteanu, D. Moga A bidirectional DC-DC converter used in smart grids     56
E. H. E. Bayoumi, F. Salem PID controller for series-parallel resonant converters using bacterial foraging optimization     64

Vol. 18, 2011

Number 4

October - December 2011

R. Mendes Dionisio, A. Leao Rodrigues Comparative torque analysis of high-temperature superconducting hysteresis drum and disc motors    213
A. Mechernene, M. Zerikat, S. Chekroun Adaptive speed observer using artificial neural network for sensorless vector control of induction motor drives    221
E.H.E. Bayoumi, M.A. Awadallah, H.M. Soliman Deadbeat performance of vector-controlled induction motor drives using particle swarm optimization and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems    231
D. Sakri, M. Bouharkat, N. Golea Intelligent technique-based efficiency-improved vector control of induction motor drives     243
Ioana Vese, M.M. Radulescu, P.D. Teodosescu, C.I. Marginean Tubular permanent-magnet actuators for linear direct-drive systems – A review     259
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2012      220
New Book Releases    230
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 18 (2011)    268
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 18 (2011)    270

Number 3

July - September 2011

Special Issue:

Papers presented at the 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies – EVER’ 11,

31 March – 1 April 2011, Monte-Carlo, Monaco  

and selected for publication in "ELECTROMOTION" quarterly

by the EVER’ 11 Program Committee

Guest Editorial 107
G. Ombach, J. Junak Design rules for high-volume production of electric motors for automotive systems    109
E. Armando, Barbara Boazzo, P. Guglielmi High-performance electric-kart power management strategy    115
Y. Soufi, T. Bahi, M.F. Harkat, H. Merabet Diagnosis and detection of induction-motor rotor dynamic-eccentricity fault    125
F. Kurokawa, K. Murata, Y. Maeda A novel digital PID-controlled LLC resonant converter     133
R. Bayindir, I. Colak, O. Kaplan A novel technique for power factor calculation using a programmable logic controller     140
A.B. Rhouma, A. Masmoudi Analysis and control of four-switch inverter-fed brushless DC motor drives    145
S. Tsotoulidis, A. Safacas Control strategy of a drive system in a fuel-cell and battery-powered electric vehicle based on optimal efficiency    157
B. Bouzidi, H. Hasnaoui, A. Yangui, B. El Badsi, A. Masmoudi An approach to eradicate the limitations of the flux loop in the Takahashi direct torque control strategy     167
A.O. Di Tommaso, R. Miceli Control and design for efficiency improvement of permanent-magnet synchronous motor drives in household appliances     184

Regular Papers

F. Betin, G.-A. Capolino Six-phase induction-machine drive models for fault-tolerant operation     193
J. Faiz, M. Manoochehry, G. Shahgholian Comparison of different space-vector modulation types and analyzing their effects on a permanent-magnet linear synchronous motor load     202
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2011   124

Number 2

April - June 2011

This issue is dedicated to Professor Marcel Jufer        on the occasion of his 70th anniversary
M. Mahalean, M.M. Radulescu Modelling and simulation analysis of jointless track circuits in high-speed electric railway traction systems    47
K. Chaibainou, Fatiha Zidani, R. Nait Said, M.S. Nait Said, S. Drid A fuzzy-logic approach to parameter identification of induction motors    56
S. Nagarajan, S. Rama Reddy Detection of inter-turn fault in three-phase cage induction motors using finite element method     65
M.N.F. Nashed Four-quadrant control of C-dump converter-fed permanent-magnet brushless DC motor drive system     73
M. Azab Tuning of PID controller in step-down voltage regulator using particle swarm optimization     81
H.M. Soliman, E.H.E. Bayoumi, H.A. Elkaranshway, M.M. Al-Harthi Disturbance-rejection-PID controller for flexible arm robot using iterative linear matrix inequality     93
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2011   103

Number 1

January - March 2011

Special Issue:

Papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Electrical Engineering – CEE 2010,

11-13 October 2010, Batna, Algeria  

and selected for publication in "ELECTROMOTION" quarterly

by the CEE 2010 Editorial Board

L. Chouikhi, A. Tibouche, A. Bourouina, H. Allag Movement consideration in force calculation of a rotating magnetic bearing 3
M. Zaouia, N. Benamrouche, M. Rachek Electromagnetic-mechanical coupled model of tubular linear stepping motors    8
Z. Rouabah, B. Abdelhadi, F. Anayi, Fatiha Zidani On-line losses minimization of induction motor vector control using real coded genetic algorithms   15
F. Kadri, S. Drid, D. Djarah, F. Djeffal Direct torque control of induction motor fed by three-phase PWM inverter using fuzzy logic and neural network    22
M. Behloul, M. S. Nait-Said, S. Drid Speed-sensorless sliding-mode direct torque control of induction motors     29
L. Rahmani, A. Kessal, J.P. Gaubert, M. Mostefai Power factor corrector with a fast regulation and constant switching frequency     37

Vol. 17, 2010

Number 4

October - December 2010

Ilhem Haouara, S. Taibi Electromagnetic and thermal modelling for optimal design of soft-magnetic-composite transformers    239
E.H.E. Bayoumi Parameter estimation of cage induction motors using cooperative bacterial foraging optimization    247
M. Kadjoudj , M.L. Bendaas Modified current controllers for permanent-magnet synchronous motors in synchronously rotating reference frame     261
R. Chibani, E.M. Berkouk, M.S. Boucherit DC-link voltage control of three-level neutral-point clamped voltage-source inverter using inductive balancing electronic circuitry     269
M.A. Awadallah, M. Azab Particle-swarm-optimization and genetic-algorithm approaches to selective harmonic elimination in voltage-source inverter-fed permanent-magnet synchronous motor drives     280
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2011      268
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 17 (2010)    291
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 17 (2010)    292

Number 3

July - September 2010

Special Issue:

Papers presented at the th International Conference and Exhibition on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies – EVER’ 10,

25-28 March 2010, Monte-Carlo, Monaco   

and selected for publication in "ELECTROMOTION" quarterly

by the EVER’ 10 Program Committee

Guest Editorial 135
J. Junak, G. Ombach Brushless motors for automotive applications with different on-board voltage levels    137
T. Finken, M. Hafner, M. Felden, K. Hameyer Design rules for energy-efficient interior permanent-magnet synchronous motors in hybrid electric vehicle application    143
D. Ilea, M.M. Radulescu, F. Gillon, P. Brochet Particle-swarm-optimized design of a three-phase full-bridge inverter-fed switched reluctance motor    155
R. Trabelsi, A. Khedher, M.F. Mimouni, F. M’Sahli, A. Masmoudi Rotor flux estimation based on nonlinear feedback integrator for backstepping-controlled induction motor drives     163
D. Casadei, M. Mengoni, G. Serra, C. Rossi, A. Tani, L. Zari Comparison of control schemes for induction motor drives in electric vehicle applications     173
G. Waltrich, J.L. Duarte, M.A.M. Hendrix, J.J.H. Paulides Three-port bidirectional converter for electric vehicles: focus on high-frequency coaxial transformer     183
O. Hegazy, J. Van Mierlo A novel eight-switch inverter topology for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle     191
B. El Badsi Space-vector pulse-width modulation strategies devoted to the control of reduced-structure inverter-fed induction motor drives     209
F. Kurokawa, Y. Maeda, Y. Shibata, H. Maruta, T. Takahashi, K. Bansho, T. Tanaka, K. Hirose A new fast-response digital control process for switching power supply     220
C. Zhou, K. Qian, M. Allan, W. Zhou An analysis of the cost of vehicle-to-grid with consideration of electric-vehicle battery cycle life     226
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2010 - 2011      142

Number 2

April - June 2010

M. Gabsi Two-dimensional analytical field model of an inset permanent-magnet synchronous machine    81
C. Simon, M.M. Radulescu Inverter fault-tolerant operation of small slotless three-phase electronically-commutated permanent-magnet motors    91
E.H.E. Bayoumi Sliding-mode position control of synchronous motors with parameter and load uncertainties     99
O. Benzineb, M. Tadjine, M.S. Boucherit, M.E.H. Benbouzid Proportional-integral / backstepping control and high-gain observer for induction motor drives     107
M. Zerikat, S. Chekroun, A. Mechernene Development and implementation of high-performance variable-structure tracking for induction motor using fuzzy-logic controller     117
A. Ounissi, R. Abdessemed, A. Kaddouri Robust adaptive backstepping displacement tracking control with application for piezoelectric actuators     125
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2010      131

Number 1

January - March 2010

Special Issue:

Papers presented at the 9th International Conference‘Modern Electric Traction’ – MET’ 2009,

24-26 September 2009, Gdansk, Poland   

and selected for publication in "ELECTROMOTION" quarterly

by the MET’ 2009 International Scientific Committee

M. Lewandowski Reduction of oscillations in the torque transmission system from motor to driving wheels of a locomotive   3
L. Jarzebowicz, K. Karwowski Estimation of interior-permanent-magnet-synchronous-motor rotor position by analysis of phase-current derivatives    15
D. Ilea, M.M. Radulescu, F. Gillon, P. Brochet Particle-swarm-optimized design of switched reluctance motors for light electric traction applications    23
J. El Hayek, T.J. Sobczyk, G. Skarpetowski Experiences with a traction drive laboratory model     30
A. Wilk Internal winding fault detection in a traction transformer using a real-time reference model     37
J. Guzinski, Z. Krzeminski, H. Abu-Rub, A. Lewicki Torque transmission diagnostic system for high-speed train using state-space observer     47
J. Luszcz, P. Dworakowski Destructive impact of PWM inverters on traction AC motors     55
S. Danielsen, Marta Molinas, T. Toftevaag, O.B. Fosso Constant-power load characteristic’s influence on the low-frequency interaction between advanced electric rail vehicle and railway traction power supply with rotary converters     61
A. Szelag, M. Steczek 3 kV DC system: converter-driven vehicle–signalling circuits compatibility. Criteria and analysis     70
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2010      54

Vol. 16, 2009

Number 4

October – December 2009

S. Drid, M.-S. Nait-Said, A. Makouf, M. Tadjine Modelling of a stand-alone doubly-fed induction generator using two separate reference frames   167
J. Wagner Contribution to the design optimization of a tubular linear stepper motor    179
C. Simon, M.M. Radulescu Normal and open-switch fault operation of small electronically-commutated permanent-magnet motors   187
J. Faiz, G. Shahgohlian A comparative analysis and simulation of two control techniques for single-phase UPS inverter     197
Lamia Youb, A. Craciunescu Comparative simulation of induction motor control schemes for electric vehicle applications    206
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2010      196
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 16 (2009)    211
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 16 (2009)    212

Number 3

July - September 2009

H. Zhang, C. Saudemont, B. Robyns, M. Petit Electrical features comparison between more electric aircrafts and hybrid electric vehicles   111
A.F. Aimer, A. Bendiabdellah, A. Miloudi, C. Mokhtar Use of fuzzy logic for a ripple-reduction strategy in DTC scheme of a space-vector PWM-fed induction motor drive    121
G. R. Arab Markadeh, S. I. Mousavi Position-sensorless direct torque control of brushless DC motor based on back-emf vector    128
M. Larbi, S. Hassaine, B. Mazari Contribution to control by reference model with load observer of permanent-magnet synchronous motor   139
M. Ignat, G. Zarnescu, M. Cazacu, E. Hamciuc, C. Hamciuc Microelectromechanical actuators based on elastomer and polyimide membranes     148
S.E. Ben Elghali, M.E.H. Benbouzid, J.F. Charpentier Marine tidal current electric power generation technology – A review   155
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2009-2010      120

Number 2

April - June 2009

J.W. Jansen, C.M.M. van Lierop, J. de Boeij, Elena A. Lomonova, J.L. Duarte, A.J.A. Vandenput Moving magnet multi-DOF planar actuator technology with contactless energy and data transfer   53
A.S. Elwer, S.A. Wahsh Improved performance of permanent-magnet synchronous motor by using particle swarm optimization techniques   65
M.N.F. Nashed A new turn-off angle control for high-speed switched reluctance motor   71
H.A. Zarchi, J. Soltani, G.R. Arab Markadeh Control of a synchronous reluctance motor using adaptive input-output feedback linearization    79
F. Khoucha, K. Marouani, A. Kheloui, M.E.H. Benbouzid A sensorless direct torque control scheme suitable for electric vehicles     89
H. A. Elkaranshawy, E.H.E. Bayoumi, H.M. Soliman Robust control of a flexible-arm robot using Kharitonov theorem and swarm intelligence   98
Future Event : ELECTROMOTION 2009 – EPE Chapter ‘Electric Drives’ Joint Symposium, 1-3 July 2009, Lille, France      52
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2009      88

Number 1

January - March 2009

A. Jabbari, M. Shakeri Rotor-pole shape optimization of interior permanent-magnet motors using the reduced basis technique   3
Teresa Orlowska-Kowalska, K. Szabat, M. Kaminski Application of the adaptive fuzzy-logic control structure with sliding-mode compensator for the DC drive system   9
B. Mirzaeian-Dehkordi,M. Parastegari, C. Lucas A new method to remove the saturation effect of controllers in vector control of induction machines   17
A. Khwaldeh, Linda Barazane, M.M. Krishan Robust neural networks to improve hybrid control of an induction motor    28
O. Bouhali, B. François, E.M. Berkouk, C. Saudemont Power sizing and control of a three-level NPC converter for grid connection of wind generators     38
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2009      8

Vol. 15, 2008

Number 4

October - December 2008

Special Issue:

Papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Electrical Engineering -CEE 2008

27-29 September 2008, Batna, Algeria 

and selected for publication in "ELECTROMOTION" quarterly

by the CEE 2008 Editorial Board

E. Matagne Slot effect on the air-gap reluctance Carter-like calculation suitable for electric machines with large air-gap or surface-mounted permanent magnets   171
M. Chebaut, M.R. Mekideche Detection and sizing of three-dimensional cracks using numerical calculations of eddy-current probe impedance response   177
A. Miouat, B. Abdelhadi, A. Benoudjit Data smoothness effect on parameters identification of the Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model using genetic algorithms    183
H. Zeroug, H. Sahraoui, Reda Toudjit, M.S. Boucherit, D. Holliday Interactive design and performance analysis of a switched reluctance motor drive based on analytical method and Matlab-Simulink     189
R. Vijayarajeswaran, S.P. Natarajan, K. Shanmugam FPGA-based intelligent current-sensing scheme for current-ripple measurement in permanent-magnet brushless DC motor drives     195
A. Chaghi, A. Louchene A comparative analysis of direct and indirect control algorithms for shunt active filters     202
R. Vijayarajeswaran, S.P. Natarajan, K. Shanmugam, C. Nandhni Implementation of a novel speed-control technique for permanent-split capacitor motor in FPGA using cascaded-type multilevel quadrature inverter     209
D. Benoudjit, M.-S. Nait-Said, N. Nait-Said Speed sensorless vector control of a propulsion system based on full-order flux observer     215
Regular papers
L. Bajan Virtual instrumentation platform for permanent-magnet synchronous motor vector-control drive applications     221
M. Abid, A.G. Aissaoui Fuzzy sliding-mode speed control of an inverter-fed induction motor     228
J. Soltani, A. Farrokh-Payam A speed sensorless sliding-mode controller for doubly-fed induction machine drives with adaptive backstepping observer     237
A. Parsapoor, B. Mirzaeian-Dehkordi, C. Lucas Speed control of switched reluctance motor by brain emotional learning based on intelligent controller     246
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2009      182
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 15 (2008)      254

Number 3

July - September 2008

S. Ivanov, F. Labrique, V. Defosse, P. Sente Models of the permanent-magnet synchronous machine and its controllers for fault simulation   113
A. Menacer, S. Moreau, G. Champenois, M.S. Nait Said, A.Benakcha A parameter identification of the induction machine using the healthy motor model for diagnosis    121
S. Amamra, Linda Barazane, M.S. Boucherit A novel inverse fuzzy model of the field-oriented control for induction motor   131
E.H.E. Bayoumi, H.M. Soliman A particle swarm optimization-based deadbeat on-line speed control for sensorless induction motor drives    141
Teresa Orlowska-Kowalska, M. Dybkowski Sensorless field-oriented control of the induction motor drive using classical MRAS speed estimator with modified adaptation algorithm     154
S. Rebouh, A. Kaddouri, R. Abdessemed, A. Haddoun Nonlinear control by input-output linearization scheme for electric-vehicle permanent-magnet synchronous motor     161
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2008      130

Number 2

April - June 2008

Special Issue: Papers presented at the 6th International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industrial Applications - LDIA 2007 , 16-19 September, Lille, France and selected for publication in 'Electromotion' quarterly by the LDIA 2007 Editorial Board
J.F. Eastham, T. Cox, H.C. Lai, J. Proverbs The use of concentrated windings for offset double-stator linear induction motors    51
T. Ibrahim, J. Wang, D. Howe

Analysis of a short-stroke, single-phase tubular permanent-magnet actuator for reciprocating compressors   57

I. Boldea, S. Agarlita, L. Tutelea, F. Marignetti

Novel linear permanent-magnet valve actuator: finite-element design and dynamic model    63

J. Moscrop, P. Commins,C. Cook Torque perturbations and dynamic stiffness of linear motors for grinding machines     69
C.M.M. Van Lierop, J.W. Jansen, Elena Lomonova, A.A.H. Damen, P.P.J. Van Den Bosch, A.J.A. Vandenput Commutation of a magnetically-levitated planar actuator with moving magnets     75
B. Zuurendonk, J. De Boeij, M. Steinbuch, Elena Lomonova Modeling of disturbance forces of a x-y manipulator on a floating platform     81
J. Poza, Ana Julia Escalada, S. Luri, A. Gonzalez Dynamic vector model for linear induction motors considering the primary winding asymmetries     87
J. Gomand, X. Kestelyn, R. Bearee, P.-J. Barre Dual-drive gantry stage decoupling control based on a coupling model     94
N. Bencheikh, Christine Prelle, F. Lamarque 3 DOF mini-conveyor for microfactories     99
J.-P. Yonnet Systematic research of all the configurations of linear polarized actuators for "camless" systems     105
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2008      56

Number 1

January - March 2008

A.K. Daud, R. Hanitsch A three-dimensional field solution for axially-polarized permanent-magnet cylinders 3
J.K. Sakellaris Finite element analysis of microelectromechanical systems by using the ANSYS software    13
M.T. Aydemir, F. Evran

Soft-switched half-bridge DC-DC converter with switched capacitor snubber    19

J. Soltani, J. Askari, N.R. Abjadi, G.R. Arab Markadeh

Sliding-mode control for a six-phase series- connected induction two-motor drive      31

M.S.D. Acampa, A. Del Pizzo, R. Rizzo Optimal control strategy of AC brushless drive for railway traction application     41
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2008      40

Vol. 14, 2007

Number 4

October - December 2007

Y. Amirat, M.E.H. Benbouzid, B. Bensaker, R. Wamkeue The state of the art of generators for wind energy conversion systems 163
E.E. El-kholy Deadbeat flux controller for vector control of induction motor drives    173
Linda Barazane, A. Khwaldeh, M.M. Krishan

Chattering reduction with fuzzy sliding-mode control applied to robust hybrid control based on feedback linearization and field oriented control of an induction motor     185

E.H.E. Bayoumi, H.M. Soliman

PID/PI tuning for minimal overshoot of permanent-magnet brushless DC motor drive using particle swarm optimization      198

K. Hartani, M. Bourahla, Y. Miloud Electric vehicle stability improvement based on anti-skid control using behaviour model control     209
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2008      172
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 14 (2007)      225
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 14 (2007)     226

Number 3

July - September 2007

V. Mester, F. Gillon, M. Hecquet, P. Brochet Optimal design of electric machines using multi-modelling approach 117
J. Soltani, A. Farrokh-Payam Robust sensorless control of the doubly-fed induction machine based on output-state feedback control with an adaptive backstepping observer    125
M.A. Fnaiech, F. Betin, F. Fnaiech, B. Nahidmobarakeh, G.-A. Capolino

A DSP-based implementation of a nonlinear optimal predictive control for induction machines     133

A. Bourek, L. Mokrani, A. Benakcha, M. Chabane

Indirect adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode observer for sensorless induction motor drives      143

A. Massoum, M.K. Fellah, A. Meroufel, P. Wira, A. Bendaoud, A. Bentaallah Neuro-fuzzy controller for a permanent-magnet synchronous motor fed by a three-level inverter     153
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2007 - 2008      160

Number 2

April - June 2007

L. Garbuio, F. Pigache, J.F. Rouchon, B. Lemaire-Semail, B. Nogarede Ultrasonic friction drive for passive force feedback devices 55
R.R. Joshi, R.A. Gupta, A.K. Wadhwani Adaptive backstepping controller for a matrix converter-based cage induction motor drive    67
E.H.E. Bayoumi

An improved approach of position and speed sensorless control for permanent-magnet synchronous motor     81

D. Benoudjit, N. Nait-Said, M.S. Nait-Said

Differential speed control of a propulsion system using fractional-order controller      91

K. Hartani, M. Bourahla, Y. Miloud Electric vehicle with two independent wheel drive – Performance improvement by an electronic differential using sliding-mode control     99
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2007      66

Number 1

January - March 2007

A. Demenko, Dorota Stachowiak Representation of permanent magnets in the 3-D finite element description of electrical machines 3
M. Ronkowski, Z. Kneba Bond-graphs based modelling of hybrid energy systems with permanent-magnet brushless machines 11
B. Tomczuk, K. Zakrzewski, A. Waindok

Field analysis in a permanent-magnet tubular linear motor under variable scaled geometries     19

A. Pochanke

Seeking out the boundary dynamic characteristics of permanent-magnet stepping motors      27

T. Trawinski Mathematical model of head actuator of hard-disk drive with passive joint     32
K. Szabat

Vibration suppression in two-mass drive system using PI speed-controller with different additional feedbacks      38

Izabella A. Gieras, J.F. Gieras Recent advancements in permanent-magnet motors technology for medical applications     45
Event Report      2
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2007      10
Future Event      26

Vol. 13, 2006

Number 4

October - December 2006

S.H. Khader Two-phase brushless DC motor with asymmetrical magnetization and additional stator coil 241
A. Farrokh-Payam, B. Mirzaeian-Dehkordi Nonlinear sliding-mode controller for sensorless speed control of DC servo motor using adaptive back-stepping observer 255
M. Kadjoudj, S. Taibi, N. Golea, M.E.H. Benbouzid

Modified direct torque control of permanent-magnet synchronous motor drives using dither signal injection and non-hysteresis controllers     262

M. Poloujadoff, C. Rioux, M.M. Radulescu

On the flywheel design for inertial energy-storage systems      271

J. Faiz, G. Shahgholian Uninterruptible power supply systems - A review     276
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2007      254
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 13 (2006)     290
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 13 (2006)      292

Number 3

July - September 2006

H. Rehaoulia, H. Henao , G.A. Capolino A method to develop various models for induction machines with main flux saturation 183
M.S. Widyan, R.E. Hanitschi Radial-flux low-speed high-energy permanent- magnet-machine prototype with new topology 193
D. Rahem, K. Srairi, M.E.H. Benbouzid, M. Chabane

Analysis model for coupled permanent-magnet motor with electronic commutation and water pump powered by photovoltaic array     205

B. Mirzaeian-Dehkordi, A. Kiyoumarsi, P. Moallem, M. Moallem

Optimal design of switching-circuit parameters for switched reluctance motor drive based on genetic algorithms      213

J. Faucher, P. Maussion On-line electrical quality improvement of a single-phase boost rectifier with fuzzy controller and experimental designs     221
C. Ilas, M. Covrig High-performance linear drives control using DSPs  233
Future event      182
Book review      192
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2007     204

Number 2

April - June 2006

A. Ansel, B. Robyns Small hydro electricity: from fixed to variable speed electromechanical drives      111
Sonja T. Lundmark, E.S. Hamdi Construction, operation and internal design of a claw-pole servo motor   127
L. Mihet-Popa

Current-signature analysis in converter-fed induction machines under different operation conditions    135

R. Abdessemed, A.L. Nemmour

Vector-control strategy application to a doubly-fed stand-alone induction generator     145

Linda Barazane, M.S. Boucherit, P. Sicard An approach to the cascade sliding-mode control of an induction motor based on robust neural-network controllers     151
A. Haddoun, M.E.H. Benbouzid, D. Diallo, R. Abdessemed, J. Ghouili, K. Srairi Energy-optimized direct torque control of an induction motor taking into account aerodynamics of the propelled electric vehicle     167
M. Bousbia-Salah, M. Fezari Development of a force-balance accelerometer     175
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2006     166

Number 1

January - March 2006

Special Issue:

Papers presented at the 6th International Symposium on Advanced

Electromechanical Motion Systems – ELECTROMOTION 2005,

27-29 September 2005, Lausanne, Switzerland 

and selected for publication in ‘ELECTROMOTION’ quarterly

by the reviewers of the ELECTROMOTION 2005 International Steering Committee

B. Kawkabani, J.-J. Simond Improved modeling of three-phase transformer analysis based on magnetic equivalent circuit diagrams and taking into account nonlinear B-H curve
M.V. Cistelecan, B. Cosan,

M.D. Popescu

Analysis and design criteria for fractional unbalanced windings of three-phase motors
Y. Ouazir, R. Ibtiouen, N.Takorabet, S. Mezani Time-harmonic finite element analysis of induction motors with an air-gap interface coupling
E. Schmidt

Design studies on transverse-flux machines by using three-dimensional finite-element analyses

H.S. Zire, C. Espanet, A. Miraoui

Three-dimensional finite-element analysis of high-torque permanent-magnet synchronous machines

M. Crivii, M. Jufer

Eddy-current losses computation for permanent-magnet synchronous motors

Cs. Deak, A. Binder Highly utilised permanent-magnet synchronous machines with tooth-wound coils for industrial applications
M. Andriollo, G. Bettanini, G. Martinelli, A. Morini,

A. Tortella

Performance analysis of an in-wheel vernier hybrid motor for electric propulsion
C. Bernez, M. Gabsi, H. Ben Ahmed, M. Lecrivain High-acceleration linear actuator dimensioning for electromagnetic valves application
S. D'Arco, D. Iannuzzi, E. Pagano, C. Tortora Combined use of supercapacitors and fuel cells for traction application
S. Wiak, R. Nadolski, K. Ludwinek Electric bicycle - The example of mechatronic inter-disciplinary case study
A. Kuperman, R. Rabinovici, G. Weiss A shunt-connected inverter-based variable-speed wind-turbine generation 
G. Tomassi, M. Topor, F. Marignetti, I. Boldea Characterization of an axial-flux machine with non-overlapping windings as a generator
G. Cimuca, S. Breban, M.M. Radulescu, C. Saudemont, B. Robyns Energy-optimized direct torque control of an induction machine-based flywheel energy storage system associated to a variable-speed wind generator
F. D’hulster, K. Stockman, R.J.M. Belmans Multi-objective optimization platform for application-oriented switched reluctance-motor torque control
J. Lettl, R. Ratz

Effect of magnetic saturation on vector-controlled induction-motor drive properties

N. Patin, E. Monmasson, J.-P. Louis Control of a cascaded doubly-fed induction generator supplying linear and nonlinear loads on isolated grid

Vol. 12, 2005

Number 4

October - December 2005

D. Vizireanu, S. Brisset, P. Brochet, Y. Milet, D. Laloy Investigation on brushless DC machine suitability  to direct-drive generator wind turbine      205
E.H.E. Bayoumi A novel approach to control an unbalanced three-phase induction motor     213
R. Rizzo, L. Piegari A control strategy for high-quality electric energy supply system equipped with fuel cells and ultracapacitors    223
E.E. El-kholy, A.M. Dabroom, H. Youssef High-performance hybrid current controller for vector control of induction motor drives     231
Y. Miloud, A. Draou Fuzzy-logic speed control of an indirect field-oriented induction machine drive    245
Fatiha Zidani, D. Diallo, M.E.H. Benbouzid, R. Nait-Said Fuzzy-adaptive stator-resistance estimation for high-performance direct-torque-controlled induction motor     253
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2006     259
Contents of  ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 12 (2005)    260
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 12 (2005    262

Number 2 - 3

April - September 2005

Special Issue :

Papers presented at  the 16th International Conference on Electrical Machines – ICEM 2004, 5-8 September 2004, Cracow, Poland  and selected for post-conference publication in 'ELECTROMOTION' quarterly by the reviewers of the ICEM 2004 Editorial Board.
P. Bolognesi Generalized circuital modelling of electromechanical devices    59
A.F. Flores Filho, M.A. da Silveira, R.P. Homrich Analytical solution for the armature magnetic field of a planar actuator   69
I. Dolezel, M. Mach, B. Ulrych DC ferromagnetic actuator for extremely high forces   77
J.F. Gieras, U. Jonsson Design of a high-speed permanent-magnet brushless generator for microturbines   86
Z.Q. Zhu, J.D. Ede, D. Howe Design of high-speed brushless DC motors for sensorless operation   92
J. Chang, D. Kang Development of a stocker system using transverse-flux linear motors with permanent magnet   99
J. Skoczylas, R. Tresch On the reduction of ripple torque in permanent-magnet synchronous motors without skewing. Accuracy problems   106
B. Tomczuk, M. Sobol Analysis of tubular linear reluctance motor under various voltage supplying   113
L. Albert, C. Chillet, A. Jarosz, J. Rousseau, F. Wurtz Sizing of automotive claw-pole alternator based on analytical modelling   118
Z.P. Xia, J. Wang, D. Howe Three-phase interior-magnet modular brushless machines for automotive applications   125
C. Karacan, H.B. Ertan Evaluation of a radial-flux brushless DC drive and an induction motor drive for washing machine applications   133
E. Spooner, J.R. Bumby Solid-rotor axial-flux motors for very high-speed turbo-assist drives   141
N. Ben-Hail, B.-Z. Sandler,

R. Rabinovici

Wobble step motor   150
G. Kaminski, A. Smak Induction motors with spherical rotor   156
S. Ceferin, M. Bugeza,R. Fiser Linear synchronous drive in flying shear application   161
M.H. El-Husseini, A. Bennani, J.W. Spronck, H. Polinder, H.H. Langen, J.C. Compter, J. van Eijk Low-stiffness motor:  review of different ironless motor topologies for use in precision engineering applications   166
L. Gasparin, R. Fiser Design and optimisation of brushless integrated starter-generator   173
S.G. Burrow, P.H. Mellor , T. Sawata, M. Holme Sensorless operation of a permanent-magnet generator for future embedded aircraft generation systems   178
M. Holub, R. Palka, W.-R. Canders Control of switched reluctance machines for flywheel energy storage applications   185
K. Szabat, Teresa Orlowska-Kowalska

Adjustment of classical and fuzzy-logic speed controllers for electrical drives with elastic joint   192

Event Report   57


Number 1

January - March 2005

A. Kiyoumarsi, M. Moallem, M.R. Hassanzadeh An accurate method for calculation of magnetizing inductances in interior permanent-magnet synchronous motors        3
L. Zheng, T.X. Wu, J. Vaidya, M.G. Sarwar, K.B. Sundaram, C.H. Ham, H. Seigneur, L. Zhao, N. Vanasse, A. Canale, J. Kapat, L. Chow Design of a super-high-speed axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous motor    9
J.-C. Mipo, M. Poloujadoff, M.M. Radulescu Simulated annealing approach to the design optimization of two-speed induction-motor windings    19
L. Mokrani, R. Abdessemed A genetic algorithm optimization approach for single-sided linear induction motor design      25
Teresa Orlowska-Kowalska, K. Szabat Neuro-fuzzy adaptive controllers for electric drives with stiff or elastic joints     33
J. Faiz, S.H. Mohseni-Zonozi Direct torque control application on permanent-magnet synchronous motors – A review     44
Editorial:  Professor Radu MUNTEANU at his 60th anniversary     2
ELECTROMOTION Agenda 2005      18
Contents of ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 11 (2004)      52
Author Index to ELECTROMOTION, Vol. 11 (2004)      54

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